RK3288C Chromebooks deliver more of what educators and students need!
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A broadening trend in K-12 education is the use of Chromebooks, driven by digitization of educational tools and materials. The heart of Chromebooks, Google’s Chrome OS, is a free operating system, which is maintained and updated by Google over the cloud and helps lower acquisition costs for school districts. According to Google, Chromebooks give “students, teachers, and administrators a simple solution for fast, intuitive, and easy-to-manage computing. Chromebooks provide access to the web’s education and collaboration resources.”

Moor Insights & Strategy (MI&S), a leading technology industry analyst firm, conducted primary research with educators and performed technical benchmark testing on behalf of ARM Holdings on both ARM- and x86-based Chromebooks. ARM’s heritage and experience in enabling quality mobile experiences through rich graphics and power efficient CPUs enable ARM-based Chromebooks powered by RK3288C to deliver much of what educators and students need. MI&S recommends that educators add RK3288C Chromebooks powered by RK3288C to their Chromebook consideration set.


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